After completion of Endondontic Treatment:

Following endodontic treatment, the root canal, or canals, have been permanently sealed, however, the outer surface may be sealed with a temporary filling. Please phone your dentist for an appointment – YOUR DENTIST MUST PLACE A PERMANENT RESTORATION TO PROTECT YOUR TOOTH AGAINST FRACTURE AND DECAY.

The tooth may be slightly tender for several days as a result of the manipulation during treatment. Bath the tooth with hot salt water rinses. One half teaspoon of ordinary salt in a glassful of hot water is the right combination. Bath the tooth once every hour for the first day and then at least four times a day for the next four days, even if there is no discomfort. If necessary, take the pain medication according to directions.

Your dentist will be informed that your endodontic treatment has been completed and a progress report will be sent to your dentist after each re-examination.

Should problems or questions arise, please do not hesitate to call.